Chattanooga Police Chief explains internal investigations

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After allegations of excessive use of force involving a Chattanooga Police Officer, the police chief addresses city council members.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy was in front of city council members at their strategic planning session on Tuesday to give a presentation. He focused on how they conduct internal investigations and use of force reviews.

“I had a member of the community tell me as he left, I didn’t address all of his concerns, but I addressed a lot of them. So that gives me a great amount of peace from what I can see from council members we saw progress in communication today, but to have members of the community feel the same way, I feel very good about it,” Chief Roddy said.

This comes after video from a traffic stop in March of 2018 gained recently attention. It appears to show a Chattanooga Police Officer hitting a man multiple times.

Chief Roddy says there have been some cases where people want answers right away.

“So we need to get into conversations to understand where expectations and responsiveness actually matches what we are really capable of and as we can close that gap down, I think it will cause less frustration and concern for all of us.”

After the presentation, city council members gave comments and asked questions.

“So we can’t factually say that because this young African American that he is going to go kill someone or going to hurt someone. We can’t factually say that every officer on the police force is a racist or looking to hurt someone whether he is black or white. But when you add emotion to it. That emotion starts to build and build the perception of those facts can sometimes get unbalanced,” Anthony Byrd said.

Chief Roddy says it is important to understand how they conduct internal investigations.

“We have very strict policies about how we go document what we do to protect the public and then if there is an area of concern we investigate it,” Chief Roddy said.

City council members plan to discuss these issues further at another strategic planning session.

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