Chattanooga Police Department Investigate Body Found Close To Community Kitchen

CHATTANOOGA,TN,(WDEF)-Medical examiners were on scene since early  Monday morning and investigators now believe the man died due to exposure to the freezing cold last night.

Elijah Davidson, Member of Chattanooga Homeless Community,"It is very sad indeed but you know we have to keep going and we have to keep moving on and face the present and future."

A number of homeless charities have told News 12 that they believe the victim is this man, Douglas King however a police investigation is ongoing.

The community kitchen believe the victim was not staying at their shelter Monday night.

They added he was not listed on their sign in sheet but they had room to accommodate him.

Jens Christensen, Chattanooga Community Kitchen,"Sometimes the death of one person or something just one bad thing is what we focus on that was the case for me this morning, when I first got the call that we had a homeless person or possible homeless person die on the streets last night, it over shadowed everything was on my plate, everything that was on my mind and I forgot about the 144 people that survived and were safe because we were able to be open."

   However numerous angry members of Chattanooga’s homeless community tell us the victim was staying at the community kitchen.

They told us he was drunk and disorderly and was asked to leave the kitchen shortly after 1am.

Upset Dani Dozier says he has seen multiple people turned away from the kitchen on cold nights.

Dani Dozier, Member of Chattanooga’s Homeless Community,"I know these people, I work around them, these people are not what you think they are, I am not the only one, not all of us can be liars."

 Community Kitchen officials told News 12 they are investigating the death and are confident  the victim was not kicked by their organization into freezing temperatures.
      They added that if someone is asked to leave its because they have broke one of the following rules which include being intoxicated, loud or showing violent behavior.

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