Chattanooga Police Investigate Homicide on East 14th Street

Upated: 1:00 pm

         Chattanooga police investigate the latest of nearly two dozen homicides so far this year.
        Gunfire rang out just before 11:30 last night at 23-02 East 14th Street…
        That’s near South Lyerly Street and the old East Side Elementary School.
        Officers found a 25-year old man sitting a a car with a gunshot would.
        Medics transported him to the hospital where he died.
        Police identify the victim as Leslie Townsend.
        Townsend is no stranger to police.
        He was charged in a retaliation shooting for a deadly shooting last March.
        It also happened at 2302 East 14th Street.
        Townsend was charged with shooting a man in the hand on Tunnel Boulevard in response.
        Police told us at the time that the two had been fighting for months.
        Of course we’ll keep you posted on this investigation.

  Chattanooga police remain at the scene this morning of the city’s latest homicide.
     They’re using new 3-D imaging equipment to map out the crime.
     Around 11:19 last night, authorities responded to a shooting at 23-02 East 14th Street…
     Near South Lyerly Street and the old East Side Elementary School.
     That’s where officers discovered the 25-year old victim.
     Officer Nathan Hartwig says "he was found sitting in the car, he was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries."
     At least 14 evidence markers were placed near the silver vehicle parked in front of the residence.
     Officer Hartwig says this investigation remains fresh and suspect leads continue to be developed.
     If you have any information, investigators want to hear from you.
     Our archives show a fatal drive-by shooting occurred at this same location last March.

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