Chattanooga police stop an alleged gang murder plot

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) A convicted felon and known associate of the street gang, Gangster Disciples was arrested after police say he used Facebook to solicit first degree murder.

Demetrice Carson was taken into custody Thursday and charged with solicitation to commit 1st degree murder.

According to the arrest report, the case started against Carson on Wednesday when police received a phone call from the girlfriend of a shooting victim who has been identified as Ladarius Nollie, 23, of Chattanooga.

The woman told police that she and boyfriend testified in court against a known gang member who was identified as Jermichael Brooks.

Brooks is already awaiting trial for two counts of attempted first degree murder along with illegal drug charges.

Since giving that testimony, the woman said she and Nollie have been receiving numerous death threats that have been posted on Facebook. The woman also told police she was receiving threats at her place of employment.

The woman reportedly came to police on behalf of Nollie because he is currently incarcerated in the Hamilton County Jail on an unrelated issue.

A detective working the case found the threat on Facebook and was able to trace the threat back to Demetrice Carson who’s street name and Facebook profile is "Yung Meady."

Police say Carson posted a news article on his Facebook page that talked about Jermichael Brooks in court. Next to the article, he reportedly posted a caption that said "Knock his ass off if he talks to police."  Authorities say that means to kill a person who talks to police. Another caption said,"Free Blue Light," which police say is code for "free Jermichael Brooks."

Friday afternoon, Carson bonded out of jail. A judge ordered him to have no contact with the witnesses in the other case. He is also ordered to stay away from social media.

His next court date is October 21.

Since his Friday morning court date, the comments posted on his Facebook page were taken down but WDEF managed to get a copy of those comments. (Click on images to see Facebook treats.)

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