Chattanooga Police talk Riverbend security since permitted gun owners can carry at festival

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) – Since the bill preventing cities from banning guns at ticketed events failed in the legislature, people with handgun carry permits can be armed at events like Riverbend.
But Chattanooga Police and festival officials say they’re not concerned.
Riverbend goers will face three different layers of security.
First of all, every guest must get their bags checked when they enter the Riverbend grounds.
Secondly, private security personnel will be in place.
Thirdly, Chattanooga Police will have a strong presence as well.
Plus, guests themselves can help keep the festival safe.
Chattanooga Police Sergeant of Special Events Austin Garrett explained, “We also encourage the public if you see something say something. Just grab an officer, you can find one of us anywhere, either walking around, we have scaffolds up where the officers are elevated so they can keep an eye on the crowd, that kind of thing. You know, we encourage interaction with the public and ask for their help, if they see something that doesn’t look right, grab one of us and let us investigate it and then, you know, put it to rest.”
Riverbend continues through next Saturday.

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