Chattanooga police warn against burglars entering through window AC units

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Criminals are making their way into homes, but police say their methods aren’t new just very uncommon.

It’s an unusual break in, instead of thieves stealing copper from a-c units, they are gaining access to homes without kicking down the front door.

Chattanooga Police report 3 burglaries in 2017 where the AC unit was pushed in and the burglars were able to get into homes in Alton Park & St. Elmo. Two were reported this year.

Sgt. Rebecca Crites oversees the Property Crimes unit and says she wants the community – and neighbors – to stay alert, because many times the victim is gone when the crime occurs.

“You can call me. We can actually come out and do an assessment of your house. We can give you burglary prevention tips that will help you from being a victim of a crime such as a burglary”

On top of that, you can also make air conditioning units more secure.

Sgt. Rebecca Crites says, “You can put brackets underneath the wall unit and actually attach it to the house. There are actually several things you can do. You can add a sensor to it, on the actual air conditioning unit and even if it moves a little bit, it will make a sound like a siren and it usually scares the suspect away”

Either way, Sgt. Crites says you have to be prepared if criminals hit your area.

“You can live in Soddy Daisy. You can live in East Ridge. You can live out in Harrison, Ooltewah, Highway 58, anywhere crimes are going to happen and what we need to do is just be more aware of your surroundings.”

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