Chattanooga Police Will No Longer Respond to Minor Traffic Crashes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Minor fender benders may not be as time consuming as they once were, thanks to a new protocol implemented by Chattanooga Police.

There are eight qualifications that determine whether or not a police officer is required to respond to a crash:

  1. Death or injury;
  2. Hit and run;
  3. Impairment of an operator due to alcohol or drugs;
  4. Government-owned vehicles or property;
  5. Hazardous materials;
  6. Disturbances between principals;
  7. Major traffic congestion as a result of the crash; and
  8. Damage to vehicles to the extent that towing is required.

If you are in a wreck, call dispatch and they will walk you through the next steps to see if a police officer is needed at the scene.

If a wreck does not qualify for an officer response, the dispatchers will send a link to walk you through everything to take care of the crash yourself.

The CPD hopes this new process will allow officers to prioritize crime prevention and make our community safer.

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