Chattanooga Prayer Breakfast Hopes to Encourage City Leaders

The 38th annual Prayer Breakfast brought together more than 2000 people.

“A time to gather regardless of procession, background, domination with a single purpose to pray for our community and its leaders”, said Chairman of Leadership T.W . Francescon.

Chattanooga Native and Coco-Cola Consolidated Chairman and CEO J. Frank Harrison the III was the keynote speaker.

He now has his own ministry.

“The last thing I ever thought I’d be doing was starting a ministry. I work in the Coca-Cola business, love to support other ministries, but this idea of starting a ministry again, was the last thing I thought I’d be doing.”

Several of Chattanooga’s leaders filled the room of worship.

“You hear somebody like the leader of the Coca-Cola Consolidated giving us that inspirational message of prayer and hope and believing in Jesus Christ is just, means so much to a community like Chattanooga”, said City Councilman Moses Freeman.

Francescon said he hope the prayer service encourages Chattanooga’s city leaders.

“We hope that this encourages and challenges the community to call each other up and pray to encourage our leaders to encourage each other to live in the right way and the way Christ has called us to live.”

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