Chattanooga Prostitution Sting

 Chattanooga police make several arrests this week following a prostitution sting.
     Over a two day period, Chattanooga Police conducted two sting operations.
     One in the Oak Grove neighborhood and the other on Watauga and Willow Streets.
     13 people were arrested for charges including gambling, prostitution, and patronizing prostitution.
        "What we’re focusing on here is the prostitution our on the streets which is really a major problem for the quality of life for the people in the neighborhoods," said Commander Brian Cotter.
        Jerry Redman is the CEO of second life Chattanooga, they help human trafficking victims.  He believes that a community working together means helping these people, not just reporting them.
        "We also need to re-humanize in our eyes. I talk to people who will look at someone who is caught in this life and they will talk about them in a way that they’re somewhat less than human and frankly society has got to get it’s act together on the fact that these are our neighbors, these are our daughters or sons in some cases and we have to help them reclaim their own sense of self and humanity so we have to look at them differently."
For resources of how you can get involved or seek help you can contact these organizations:

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