Chattanooga Protest following the Death of George Floyd

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF)-Chattanooga joined other cities to protest following the death of George Floyd.

While some protests were peaceful, others not so much.

Protestors began flooding the streets of Chattanooga Saturday afternoon.

Authorities stood nearby demonstrators.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy says it’s important to create dialogue with the community. “I think the first thing to do is for me especially is to come down and engage in a conversation. Answer questions, find out what the concerns are. Maybe clarify expectations on both sides.”

Late Saturday night tensions flared.

Several arrest were made.

Law enforcement closed down the market street bridge and demonstrators began shouting in the faces of officers.

Sunday, the violence grew.

An explosion of tear gas dispersed a crowd by the Hamilton county courthouse building.

“I heard some pops and then they just started shoving everyone down the stairs. So I had no choice but to walk through several bombs” said one protester.

“What we did was try to stop the vandalism and criminal activity that was beginning to happen” said Hamilton County Sheriff Hammond. He also touched on possible plans going forward.

“There was not a curfew last night. That is always a possibility if things get more out of hand but that will be a call from the governor and the mayor.”

The Tennessee national guard, police department, sheriff’s department and other state agencies were on the scene late Sunday night.

Over 20 arrest were made.

The national guard will be available today if necessary.

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