Chattanooga Provides Relief for Nashville

American Red Cross volunteers are began stocking up to leave for Nashville Tuesday morning.

Local organizations in Chattanooga are prepared on a moments notice to provide emergency relief.

“If the tornado was in this area people from Nashville would be coming here to help us”  said associate volunteer Kenneth Cox.

The American Red Cross in Chattanooga loaded up supplies and left for Nashville around noon on Tuesday

“We’re bringing our emergency response vehicle along with at east water and some food. Red Cross is primarily here for assisting with sheltering and with feeding so we’re trying to help with that as well” said Disaster Responder Hank Wells.

Hank Wells says the Red Cross will also provide counseling to those who lost family and friends during the disaster.

While the American Red Cross is exhausting their efforts, providing food and water to those in need in the Central Tennessee area but they’re not the only organization providing emergency relief.

C.E.O. J.B. Gaskins says Blood Assurance in Chattanooga supplies the Cookville Regional Medical Center and the demand for blood is sky rocketing, “They’ve used 80 units thus far and pretty much wiping out our depot there in the Cookville area.”

Gaskins said the supply of blood following disasters is critical. the Knoxville area is ALSO assisting during the aftermath.

Scottie Summerlin says E.P.B. is doing all they can to help restore service and power in the Nashville and surrounding areas. “We sent two crews from one of our contractors Elliot H. Davis. We sent a four person lineman crew and a two person lighting crew.”

The Salvation Army in Chattanooga is on standby with other regional units in case assistance is needed.

The organization helps feed people and makes sure victims can still have their basic needs.

Major Mark Smith says the Salvation Army is a spiritual organization, and spiritual counselling can relieve stress, “people have lost their housing, they’ve lost material possessions. These are things that they are going to have to deal with.”

The Salvation Army and the Red Cross is ask for only cash donations at this time so they can fulfill all necessary needs.

22 people are confirmed to be dead at this time and a level 3 State of Emergency has been declared at this time.

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