Chattanooga Rape Suspect Testifies

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Devontavious Bryant, 20, answered the question everyone wanted to hear the answer to.

"No, sir I did not rape that woman."

Bryant says on the day in question, he drank and then went with the other man accused of rape, Deacon Williams, to City Café.

However, he says they parted ways before the alleged rape.

Bryant adds, "I gave him his yellow jacket back and I gave him the wig back because that was not mine and I didn’t want to take something that wasn’t mine."

Bryant says he also gave Williams his bike back at that time.

Prosecutor Cameron Williams, asks, "Did he walk the bike? Did he walk around with two bikes?

Bryant says, "Yeah, he does that. He can do that. He rides on one and he’s got the other one in his hand."

Cameron Williams adds, "That sounds crazy."

Bryant tells the jury he then went to a girl’s house and slept over.

Cameron Williams adds, "And during this period of time, Deacon dressed up another individual in the wig?  Dressed up another individual in the yellow hoodie, and dropped your phone?"

Bryant says, "Yes."

Cameron Williams adds, "And that’s what you want this jury to believe?"

Bryant says, "Yes, because it’s the truth."

The attorneys also asked Bryant about the condom wrapper that was found at scene and a similar one found at Bryant’s house.

Bryant adds, "But the clinic made those available to everybody."

Cameron Williams says, "You have every reason to come in here and tell a story, right?"

Bryant adds, "I’m not coming in here telling a story. I’m telling the truth."

And with that, closing arguments began.

Bryant says that he was at a woman’s house during the alleged crime.

However, that woman was not in court Thursday to either confirm or deny that.

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