Shopping for a home during Covid-19

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Due to the threat of the Coronavirus, businesses have either shut down or learned to adapt the way they operate, including realtors. 

But what do realtors have to say about buying and selling during the pandemic.

Hunter Denton “ this is a learning experience for some people. Maybe the house they are currently in is not one they want to be quarantined in.”

Spring is normally a great time to clean up your home and get it ready for selling but with COVID-19, many Chattanooga homeowners are wondering if the housing market has crashed. 

One real estate company has found a creative way to help keep you updated on the daily fluctuations of the housing market by using social media.

“We just wanted to create a page that was real facts, not just a bunch of stuff that was found on the internet. It is from our local MLS. It features about 3 updates a week: about how many closings were having in the entire Chattanooga market and how many new listings were becoming available. But also, what we wanted to do was just create a resource page that was there to educate the public,” says Hunter Denton, Realtor with Remax Properties.

Home buying and selling requires people coming in and out of your home.

But Dawn O’Neil and Hunter Denton, with Remax properties are now doing virtual home tours before allowing someone into a home.

They are also implementing extra sanitation precautions.

“We are doing a lot of previewing for our clients. Going in and doing a video tour to make sure it is something they are even interested in and if it is, going back with them,” says Dawn O’Neil, realtor with Remax Properties.

Even title companies are using curbside service to complete closings in order to protect their clients.

“We are doing drive by closings now, where buyers and sellers are pulling up. Our title company is coming out to the car and doing the signatures that way, ”says O’Neil.

Realtors also suggest this is a good time to organize and declutter your home before you decide to put it on the market.

For more information and a link to their page; click here


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