Chattanooga Red Wolves Riding 12 Match Unbeaten Streak

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) It’s easy to see how the Chattanooga Red Wolves have moved into first place in the USL League One standings. They haven’t lost in two months.
They’re riding an incredible 12 match unbeaten streak.

Teams love to win, but when they get on a long unbeaten streak like the Red Wolves have, well you try not to talk about the streak.
Said head coach Jimmy Obleda:”To be honest with you, I don’t think we have spoken about it. We don’t even know. That’s more what the league has been saying kind of bringing it up. For us we’re just happy that we’re doing well.”
Red Wolves have a bunch of players and coaches used to winning.
Take defender Sebastian Capozucchi
Said Capozucchi:”I won a championship in Italy. We went on a 22 unbeaten, so that was good.”(chuckles)
That was good all right, but it’s nothing. Nothing compared to a streak Coach Obleda was once apart of.
Said Obleda:”The 96’s. They went like 198 game without losing. That team was undefeated for two-and-a-half years. That was a youth team. Youth’s 15. Youth’s 16, and those were the days where all the best players all played in the same league. To this day probably one of the best youth teams ever in the history of youth soccer. Again we have four of the guys here.”
Be nice if the Red Wolves could reach 198, but their current streak is still pretty cool.
Said defender Jonathan Ricketts:”But when you get the consistency that we’ve had. It says something. It really says something about your group, and the fight that they they always put up.”
Said Capozucchi:”At the end of the day, we’re always challenging each other because nobody likes losing. From the guys nobody likes losing. We know we have to step in and prove that we can win. That we can compete, and that’s the fun part you know.”
Said Obleda:”It’s about getting points. I’ve said that from day one. It’s about gaining points. You can get one point. Three points. It’s about. Keep accumulating points, and that gets you to the promised land you know what I mean.”

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