Chattanooga Red Wolves Will Begin Their Season in May

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Normally the Chattanooga Red Wolves would kick their new season in March, but USL League One announced Monday that the season will be delayed until May 8th. It’s all apart of a coronavirus precaution.

Pushing back the start of the season roughly six weeks, might help economically if it gets more fans in the stands.
Said Red Wolves General Manager Sean McDaniel:”Everybody is hoping beyond hope that we’ve got COVID well under control, and we can start gathering people in crowds again safely and playing soccer again.”
USL League One left the door open for teams to start April 10th if they felt it was safe, but McDaniel says the Red Wolves will wait until May 8th.
Said McDaniel:”We feel like we understand how to be safe and wear masks. Get vaccines into people. That’s stuff we didn’t have a year ago. Now we have much more that we can go on, so it’s optimism. Cautious optimism. But something that we are confident we can pull off.”
When Chattanooga does hit the pitch, the team will look much different from last year.
McDaniel:”We had to really start from scratch. We only brought eight guys back. This year was really Coach (Jimmy) Obleda’s year. Now he has his roster. His players. A team of very quick, fast, offensive minded play.”
CHI Memorial Stadium will continue to expand it’s amenities this season as well.
Said McDaniel:”The executive club and the executive suites are going up as we speak. I don’t know that they will be ready by the first of May, but they’ll be getting ready by the first of May. We have a really big video board going up. It’s 60 by 33 feet. 2,200 square feet. It’s as big as a house. That will be up, and we’ll have lights up as well.”

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