Chattanooga Salvation Army has run out of food

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The growing need for food assistance combined with decreased donations has nearly left the Chattanooga Salvation Army food pantry empty.

According to the Salvation Army Marketing Director, Kimberly George, things have become so dire that volunteers were asked to donate what they could spare from their own kitchens.

Now the Salvation Army is begging for donations to help restock the shelves for less fortunate families. The pantry only has items like canned green beans and corn along with canned tomato sauce.

"The items we need are key protein items, pastas breakfast items; anything that you would think to make a meal," George said.

The shelves are usually stocked with enough food to help up to 80 needy families.

An average family of four would usually receive emergency food boxes that would last for four days. But the pantry is so dry, there’s barely enough for one family.

George said restocking the shelves won’t realistically happen over night. But she’s optimistic about keeping the shelves from remaining bare for too long.

"I have faith in this community. I think that by the end of this week when they hear this need, we’re going to be filling up. Again if you need any more information on it, you can go to our website at You can also go shopping and when you see buy-one get-one free, get that extra free item for the Salvation Army," George said.

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