Chattanooga Skate Park Hosts Quad Competition


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Cue up some Avril Lavigne because the skaters ruled the day at the Chattanooga Skate Park on Saturday.

The third annual Chattanooga Quad Competition featured skaters showing off their skills at various skating competitions such as half pipe, big air, and the full course run. This event is a part of the Skate Park Project’s desire to grow the Chattanooga skating community and improve or build a new skate park in the Scenic City.

Mackenzie with the Skate Park Project said that, “This skate park has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s looked exactly the same as this except with new paint, and minus a few holes we now have. Our whole goal is to have a skate park that is inclusive to everybody. No matter what kind of skating they do, what age they do, what gender, anything. We want to be able to come here, feel welcome, feel safe and everybody just have a good time.”

Also with the Skate Park Project, Shelly said that, “It’s a good place to go to have fun. It doesn’t cost anything. You can get some exercise, make some new friends.”

You can go check out the Chattanooga Skate Park for yourself for no cost! It is located right next to Finley Stadium and the First Tennessee Pavilion. To learn more about the Chattanooga Skate Park, visit

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