Chattanooga Skydiving Company went skydiving with the American flag to celebrate freedom

JASPER, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Chattanooga skydiving Company flew an American Flag to honor all those who make America’s freedoms possible.

“It the closest I’ll ever get to be in a rockstar. Our songs only about 30 seconds,” said President of Chattanooga Skydiving Company Justin Silvia.

The Chattanooga Skydiving Company dove through the sky with an American flag as a sign of freedom and thanking those who make those freedoms possible.

“It honors all the people that are veterans, that are firefighters, policemen, all the people of this nation,” said Army Vet/Skydiver Michael Jenkins.

Jenkins said skydiving is a team effort and you need to rely on the other divers around you.

“When we’re working together like this for a close-knit family. This is something that we’re all in together. So quite frankly it’s an amazing experience,” said Jenkins.

“Trusting the guy in front of me to take me to the landing area. Demonstration jumps are a little more technical, smaller areas and lots of people around so trusting that wizard was going to do his job and it worked out perfectly,” said Silvia.

They said 4th of July stands for freedom and so does skydiving and they wanted News 12 to see it first hand.

“Skydiving for me is really the ultimate freedom. You are actually flying your body,” said Chief Transportation Officer Frank Silvia.

“The freedom of skydiving is a very liberating feeling. When you jump out of the plane there’s absolutely no fear whatsoever,” said Jenkins.

“The Fourth of July is known for freedom. The most freedom you can feel is skydiving. I’m glad they were able to skydive and I’m glad I was able to skydive. WOW!”

“Anybody that hasn’t skydived you just don’t understand,” said Jenkins.

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