Chattanooga State Community College entered Modified Phase 2 to slow COVID spread

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Chattanooga State Community College has entered a Modified Phase 2. It goes fully into effect on Monday.

There’s some confusion on what that actually means, basically it boils down to campus is open for business, but not freely open to the public, without an appointment.

This closure is expected to last at least January, 8th 2021.

“When we notified the community that will be closed to the public unless by appointment only it would’ve been better to say we remain open to the public now by appointment only,” said Chattanooga State Vice President Nancy Patterson.

Patterson said the reason for limiting the public to appointment only is to decrease the potential spread of COVID-19.

“The shift to a Modified Phase 2 is designed to do our part to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and the safety of our campus family and our community,” said Patterson.

She said if you are a virtual student already, nothing will likely change, and a majority of students who are taking hybrid classes won’t be impacted either.

“Many of our programs are hands-on so we will continue to have our hands-on programs on campus,” said Patterson.

Patterson said over the summer the school thought of several different contingency plans based on what was happening with the virus.

“The summer planning has served as well anticipating that there could be an increase in COVID-19 cases and wanting to do our part at Chattanooga State to help mitigate the spread,” said Patterson.

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