Chattanooga Support Helps Put Women Cycling On Map

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"90% of women’s teams settle for lower, oh we are just a women’s team we are going to sleep on air mattress, I am 34 years old I am not sleeping on air mattress"

Alison Powers has been a professional cyclist for 8 years and says only now are women getting strong professional support and being treated fairly.

"The only thing we have to focus on is riding our bikes, not where do we get food, where is the grocery store, have an air mattress, its so cool that United Health Care has done this"

She added that live video streams and devoted sponsors are giving women cyclists more respect.

Teammate Mara Abbott says that supporters have played a role and putting women a chance.

"When I won nationals in both Bend and Pennsylvania  there were like 4 people at the finish line, I think at Pennsylvania there were not even photographers at the finish line, and to come here and you have the jumbotron and the fans, this is truly one of the biggest crowd support races that I have ever seen in America"

California cyclist Evelyn Stevens competing in Chattanooga for the second time says the Scenic City has put women cyclists on the same level as they are respected at the Giro in Italy.

"On memorial day for the national title in a city that has such pride, you see it in the city, they are so welcoming its just really special"

Stevens a former Olympic athlete added equal prize money has helped considerably and says she is proud of the respect female cyclists now have in the US.

Women cyclists riding for stars and stripes jerseys was introduced last year by USPRO Cycling.

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