Chattanooga Swim School ‘Survival Week’

A new swim school in Chattanooga is teaching kids how to survive unexpected plunges into deep waters for their “Survival Week” training.The British Swim School encourages students to wear additional clothing on top of their swim suits so that they can become familiar with how to deal with a water emergency.

Brooke Bernhardt is the school’s aquatics instructor. She said it’s about preparing kids body’s and minds for what  they may feel during an emergency.

“We are doing specific water safety talks today and then we have specific water safety activities like having the kids Videocapture 20220808 174558reach or throw a buoy or LifeRing to a friend instead of jumping in the water. But, we want all the kids to jump in the water be able to roll over to their back in flow in their clothes,” said Bernhardt.

After completing Survival Week training students will also know treading water and emergency 9-1-1 training.

The clothing will vary through the week, to include super hero t-shirts, jeans, and pajamas.

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