Chattanooga tax preparer facing a charge of sexual battery on a child

CHATTANOOGA, The owner of a Chattanooga tax preparation office is now facing one count of sexual battery by an authority figure.

A grand jury indicted James Murdock Crowell Jr. for an reported sexual encounter involving a young teenager.

The alleged incident occurred last October.

WDEF made contact with Crowell at his tax office on Lee Parkway Drive since he is out of jail on a $10,000 bond. WDEF asked him if he had anything to say about the allegations. He said he just learned about the indictment over the weekend when he was taken into custody. Crowell said he didn’t want to discuss the case and WDEF respected his request to not do an interview.

Minutes later, Crowell, turned off the office lights, locked the door and walked to his pickup truck in the parking lot then drove away.

WDEF made contact with a couple of woman who said they were not surprised about the criminal charges based on conversations they had with other people who were in contact with Crowell.

His next court date is in early September

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