Chattanooga Tourism Co. Accepting Applications for New Grant Program

Chattanooga Tourism Company is launching their first ever grant program. This will support projects that are designed to bring visitors into the city.

“Why do we want a grant and why do you guys deserve a grant? It’s to strengthen the visitor experience, to drive visitor demand, and to also increase more brand awareness especially for our culture and tourism sector,” says Donna Harrison, Cultural Tourism Director.

The company will give up to three hundred thousand dollars total in grant money. The money comes from their organization’s budget from visitors who stay in area hotels.

“We kind of wanted to ease into it, this first round. We are committed to this for multiple years, and the dollar amount total will be about six hundred thousand dollars a year,” says CEO Barry White.

Applications are open for this Cultural Tourism Advancement Grant until July 9th. Organizations can request up to fifty thousand dollars.

Each proposal will be reviewed by how well they plan to attract diverse audiences, create economic impact, enhance the visitor experience, and more.

“Partner, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and businesses who are creating or growing. That includes attractions, festivals, events, programs, and products,” continues Harrison.

There are specific guidelines for applicants to be eligible including being a basic partner with Chattanooga Tourism Company.

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