Chattanooga Woman Featured On America’s Funniest Home Videos

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-A Chattanooga woman finds herself on America’s Funniest Home Videos tonight after a family trip to Florida went wrong.

Dierra Foster and her family went with one of her brothers on a college visit.

One night during their trip, she rode the famous slingshot ride with one of her brothers, and the ride’s camera captured this moment, when her wig flies off.

Foster says that she didn’t even notice her wig sliding off until she saw it in the corner of her eye. “We was just like in the moment and I kind of felt the air and I kind of looked up and I’m like so that is my wig it actually slid off. So it was just one of those moments when like okay if it went up, it’ll have to come back down. But, it didn’t, well it did just know where we could find it.”

Foster says that she would absolutely do it all again because you can’t be afraid to try things.

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