Chattanooga woman injured at Charlottesville protest

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Some people from Chattanooga went to Charlottesville to bring peace, and they witnessed the violence.

Renee Hall and other members of Mercy Junction are back in Chattanooga after going to Charlottesville. They say they went to stand up to white supremacists. Hall was attacked during the protest and has stitches to prove it.

“I got hit by their shield in the head. I did not realize, I thought I had a bloody nose. So I was just holding my nose, I was like okay, not surprised, knew that was going to happen,” Hall said.

She says she add her arms linked with people in her group, when they were attacked.

“So we did this. They started charging us, moved towards us and they started touching us. And they kept going and they kept going. And then I thought. We are about to get trampled,” Hall said.

Others were shocked about what happened.

“There is nothing that could prepare you or give you the expectation that the things that happened this saturday would happen in the streets of a small city in Virginia, there is just nothing that would prepare you for it,” said Beth Foster, director of Mercy Junction and Peace Center.

Some say something like this was bound to happen.

“This is rooted in our system and it has just been a beast that has been hidden behind a corner and now they have the power to bring it out and make it blatant, “said John Carico, who was part of the counter protest.

Associate Pastor at Saint Marks Church, Anna Golladay, also went to Charlotteville and was briefed with the rest of the clergy the day before.

“They had intell that spoke very loudly that we were going to be in danger,” Golladay said.
She feared there would be more deaths.

“Very thankful that there was not more violence that did happen, because there was a potential for it to be extremely unfortunate and there to be many people killed,” Golladay said.

While Hall heals, she hopes people learn from the events in Charlottesville.

“Something traumatic like this wakes people up usually.”

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