Chattanooga Zoo gets Blue Duikers

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Have you ever seen a blue duiker?

Now you can at the Chattanooga Zoo.

They are a small antelope from Africa, known for diving into brush when threatened (duikers is dutch for diver).

Blue duikers are threatened in the wild by hunters and natural predators.

The Zoo has acquired a breeding pair to add to their Makazi ya Twiga area.

6 year old Branch and 1 year old Poppy arrived about a month ago, but they have just been released into their habitat.

“We are excited to continue to grow and diversify our animal collection with this new species, says Dardenelle Long, Chattanooga Zoo CEO and President.

“The addition of our adorable blue duikers is indicative of our commitment to provide an engaging experience to help connect our visitors with our animals.”

And apparently, they are a natural antagonist for baby chimps…at least on YouTube.


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