Chattanooga Zoo gives Covid vaccines to some animals

Keeper Amanda With Empty Syringe 1 Of 1

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Humans aren’t the only ones getting COVID vaccines these days.

The Chattanooga Zoo has now given ten doses to some of their animals.

They have inoculated two Jaguars, a Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon and three chimps.

Animal Care Director and General Curator Lacey Hickle says “We of course want to start with our most at-risk species. This happened to line up during the annual physicals of three of our Chimps; Artemus, Shirley, and Katrina. From there, we simply added seven more individuals who are trained to participate in hand-injection and who are susceptible to contracting the disease.”

This is just a start.

Zoo officials plan to get every species that is at-risk a vaccination.

Zoo Vet Dr. Anthony Ashley says “We’re thrilled to be giving these first vaccines today. While it’s extremely beneficial to these individuals, it’s also instrumental to the health of our entire Zoo. The more animals we can protect through inoculations, the lower the risk for our entire collection.”

Chimp Vaccine 1 Of 1

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