Chattanoogan woman speaks against Planned Parenthood to city council

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)– A Chattanooga woman spoke out against plan parenthood to the Chattanooga city council Tuesday.

Anne Rudd asked the city council to consider what it would mean to have a Planned Parenthood brought to Chattanooga.

“So please I ask you to do your research and really ask yourself if Chattanooga needs the healthcare that Planned Parenthood says they provide,” said Rudd.

She says she reached out to the Plan Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi about what help they could provide her if she wanted to keep her baby.

“It wasn’t a very long conversation I asked them if I didn’t want to keep would they give me an abortion and they said yes. But I didn’t ask about adoption so I will get the benefit of the doubt but at the same time, I wasn’t told that I have the option to keep the baby if I went to Planned Parenthood,” said Rudd.

Rudd said Chattanooga hasn’t had that type of clinic in 28 years.

“I’ve lived in Chattanooga for 28 years and for 28 years we’ve not had an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood facility in our city. As a woman, as someone who was an unborn child, I just wanted to come out and talk about it,” said Rudd.

The council didn’t comment in response.

News 12 reached out to Planned Parenthood but didn’t immediately hear a response.

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