Chattanoogans embrace the morning snow

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – After all the hype over whether or not Chattanoogans would finally see snow, it finally arrived but only for a brief time.

By 6:30 Wednesday morning, the city was blanketed with light snowfall that was sustained for a few hours.

Many Chattanoogans say they doubted snow would come this way after we missed it on Monday.

"I got up early but I didn’t look out until my wife said look outside. I couldn’t see anything because the lights were on. She said come in the kitchen and look. It was snow all over the place. I was like ok. I’m cool with it," said Clarence Keyes.

"When I woke up and it wasn’t snowing, I said we’re probably not going to get anything. So later when I looked out, I was a little bit surprised that it was snowing. I was like at least we got it finally," said Carlos Taylor.

"I wish I could have seen my kids this morning when they woke up and saw the snow outside. They were a little disappointed the last couple of days. It’s definitely better than last year," said Brandon Abney.

While hitting the streets in search of people enjoying the snow, WDEF ran into Anna Cleaver. She’s a New Zealand native who recently moved to Chattanooga to train as a professional triathlete.

"Usually this time of year I’m wearing a bikini at the beach with a tan and it’s really hot. This is my first time experiencing this and I love it," Cleaver said.

Fortunately, there weren’t too many problems on the road thanks to salt trucks. But when asking Maccarena Blackhart about the sidewalks as she made her way to work, the response was simple.

"Not too bad. A little slippery but not too bad," Blackheart said.

For many people, the biggest concern will come later this evening as temperatures continue to plummet.

"I got a lot of heavy clothes on," said one man.

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