Chattanoogans Protest Peacefully After Black Men Shot and Five Dallas Officers Killed

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Since the deaths of five Dallas police officers and the shooting of two black men by police earlier, protests have broken-out across the country.

Some were violent–some shut down major roadways–and some led to clashes with police.

That was not the case over the weekend here in the Tennessee Valley.

Now, a backward glance over the shoulder at a Chattanooga “Black Lives Matter” march.

“Black lives, black lives, when we say black lives matter that doesn’t mean anybody’s life doesn’t matter…a lost life is a lost life period.”

Last night’s Black Lives Matter march across the Walnut street bridge went off smoothly. The crowd of a couple hundred people were peaceful and cooperated with police.

PASTOR KEVIN ADAMS “We’ve been seeing protests all over America. We’ve been seeing protests in the city. I think its good to see
young people and all ages express themselves. I think they got that right”.

Pastor Kevin Adams at Olivet Baptist held a prayer vigil in the afternoon. He was happy to see the event was peaceful.

PASTOR KEVIN ADAMS “I think its good to see these peaceful expressions, that was the way of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

The local demonstrations follow the shooting of two black men by police last week…and the subsequent deaths of 5 Dallas police officers as they provided security for a demonstration there.

Emotions are raw, but voices are calling for restraint all over the country.

PASTOR KEVIN ADAMS, OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH “Let’s talk it out, let’s be peaceful, let’s come together and find more solutions and make this a better place to live.”

ERIC TUCKER, ASSISTANT CHIEF, CPD (iN:06:33) “Well, obviously we had a rally in support of Black Lives Matter. We wanted the police department to come out in a non-threatening way to help support what they were doing in the sense so that they could be safe.”

Unlike other cities, Chattanoogans seem to be determined to work out their anger, fears and frustrations without violence.

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