Chattanoogans receive pair of Blue Alerts from state authorities

One offender dead; another being sought out by local authorities

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — A blue alert is sent out if a police officer is killed or seriously injured and the offender is seen as a threat to fellow officers and the general public.

Additionally, a description of the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle needs to be available to broadcast statewide.

Tonight, not one, but two were sent out to Chattanoogans and fellow Tennesseans.

The first blue alert tonight was sent out concerning Samuel Q. Edwards, who was wanted for the shooting of a Hendersonville officer on Monday night during a chase.

Police say the chase ended in Madison when Edwards abandoned his van and stole a pickup truck, which was found Tuesday morning in Millersville.

After a thorough ground search, police believe he caught a ride out of the area.

Edwards was out on bond for another police chase just two weeks ago where he was charged with vehicular assault among others.

Around 9 p.m. Tuesday night, Kentucky police say they got into a shootout with him during a chase, in which he was killed.

The second blue alert happened just hours later and involves the search for a suspect in the small town of Erin, northwest of Nashville.

A city police officer tried to stop suspect B.J. Brown, who is wanted in New Orleans for a murder on Monday.

In New Orleans, police say he shot a woman who he used to date in the back.

Video circulating on social media shows him walking up to her on the ground and firing two more shots into her.

Police say he then fled the city and ended up in Tennessee, where he got out of his vehicle when pulled over and shot the Erin officer who was still in his car.

“Make no mistake this was an ambush on an officer, and rest assured we will not rest until he’s captured and justice is served whether by jury, or Jesus and that’s his choice,” said Erin Police Chief Mark Moore.

Hendersonville police report the officer who was shot last night by Edwards was released from the hospital today.

Meanwhile, Brown is still wanted and at large.

News 12 will provide further updates on this story as it develops.

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