Chattanoogans Say COVID Stimulus Package Isn’t Enough

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Leaders of both parties in Congress say that they are on the cusp of reaching a deal with a $900 billion dollar coronavirus relief package for American workers.

The new stimulus would give $600 dollar direct payments to individuals, boost unemployment payments by $300 a week per week, and provide aid to small businesses.

Congressional leaders aim to include the coronavirus aid package in an omnibus-spending bill that aims to fund the government through September 2021.

However, Chattanoogans are skeptical of the coronavirus relief, saying that it doesn’t go far enough to help those struggling due to the pandemic.

“I think that Congress right now is trying to politicize everything and you know people are hurting. People are losing their jobs, they are facing eviction, foreclosure, and I just don’t think Congress gets it. I really don’t think they get it. They’re in there trying to prevent each party from taking credit for anything and in the process nothing is getting done,” says Chattanoogan Chris Terfloth.

Chattanooga residents expressed concern with the COVID-19 relief talks in Congress, saying that the proposed $600 stimulus checks just wouldn’t do enough for Americans who are struggling to pay rent.

“It’s just not enough to survive on. I watched something the other day and they said that Canada got two thousand dollars per month, like the citizens of Canada, that was their stimulus. And we don’t even add up the $1200 that Americans got in the beginning of March or something and then the $600 now – that’s not even equivalent to one month in Canada, what they got, so I just think it’s ridiculous that the government would think that’s enough for people to survive on,” says Chattanooga Nicole Terfloth.

The final stimulus package is expected to be released late Sunday, and will go immediately to the House for a vote.

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