Chattanooga’s Emergency Covid-19 Rent and Utility Assistance Program

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many people financially across the country and in the city of chattanooga.

Since the pandemic started in March thousands of people were laid off or had reduced hours, causing their income to plummet . 

The city of Chattanooga has put together a program specifically for those struggling financially due to Covid-19. 

“The program is designed to help households who have had their income impacted because of Covid. Specifically people who were furloughed , laid off, or had their hours reduced as a direct impact of Covid. They can apply for rent assistance. It is a grant so they don’t have to pay it back. We are able to pay up to three months of their rent and also up to three months of utilities,” says Donna Williams, Administrator of the department Of Economic and Community Development.

To be eligible for the assistance program, you must go to the city’s website and fill out the form, application, and provide the proper documents. Once you qualify then the city can step in to help pay your bills.

The city says they have had over 1,300 applicants but only a little over 100 people have been helped. 

“What we are finding is that of those 1,396 people a fair amount of them are ineligible because they do not live inside the city limits and some folks have not yet pulled in all of their paperwork,” says Williams. 

The city was granted $850,000 for this program but says they have used very little of it. 

“Right now we have over $700,000 left and we would like to get that in the hands of folks who need it as soon as possible,” says Williams.

Officials say they will continue to run the program until all the funds are exhausted. 

For more information on how to apply, click here.

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