Chattanooga’s first annual Labor Day Parade

(CHATTANOOGA, Tenn) – Saturday was the first annual Chattanooga Labor day parade and picnic.

It featured a membership of 17 local labor unions representing over 5 thousands workers in the area.

The people involved in this event want social and economic justice for the working people in the Chattanooga area.

The parade started at 10 this morning on Market street and ended in Coolidge park for the picnic, live music and workers testimonies.

President of the Chattanooga area labor council explains what this event has to offer.

“It’s an opportunity for young america and old america to come together and understand local labor, where it’s from, where it came from and where its going in the future,” said Michael Starling, President of the Chattanooga Area Labor Council.

They hope the event continues to grow and that more people become educated about labor unions.

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