Chattanoona library offering program to earn high school diploma

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – The Chattanooga public library is offering a new program to help adults who never earned a high school diploma.

Even though high school graduation rates in Tennessee are steadily improving, There are still a countless number of adults who never earned a diploma. That’s why the Chattanooga Public library has teamed up with an online school to start a program to helps adults earn that piece of paper.

Sarah Ann Brewer is the program manager.

"The school has partnered with one of our library vendors, Gale Cengage Learning, and they offer the opportunity for libraries to purchase the scholarships. They also help us with enrolling the students and selecting qualifies scholarship recipients," Brewer said.

Beginning on Monday, an interested person would need to go onto the library’s website and take an assessment. Once completed, the applicant would be linked to an online prerequisite course to make sure he or she is comfortable with an online environment. The applicant will also be required to undergo two interviews. If accepted, the process to earn a diploma may take months to complete.

"Depending on how many credits a student enters with from their previous enrollment in high school, it can take between five and 18 months to complete."

The process has far more involvement than the process for obtaining a GED. But the director says it’s worth it.

"The GED is a test. When you take the test, you have the equivalent of a high school diploma but it is not a diploma. When you complete this program, it’s like being in school but your classes are totally online. You’ll have teachers and academic advisers and you’ll complete the lessons and all the classes online."

The program also offers a career selection category to help students prepare for a career that’s in demand.

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