CHI Memorial hosts pink and pearl day to bring awareness to health screenings

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – We all recognize pink as the color related to breast cancer awareness but what about the color pearl? CHI memorial started a new campaign to add the color pearl to represent lung cancer.

Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women in the volunteer state and lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Tennessee.  

 “The most alarming piece is that 1 person dies every 2 hours in the state of Tennessee from lung cancer. It’s about one and half world trade centers every year that we’re these tragedies. The best part is that this is fixable from lung screenings. Early detection can change a lung cancer patient to a lung cancer survivor,” says Dr. Rob Headrick, Chief Thoracic Surgeon.

Health officials say too many people have delayed their health screenings due to the pandemic and for cancer-early detection is the  key. 

“ When it’s all said and done and we run all the numbers we will see that not only has Covid delayed our screening mammograms. It’s not only that when we talk about Breast Cancer it’s delayed treatment plans and genetic testing. There are several things that we will see a trickle effect from COVID-19,” says Dr. Takeyla Williams, Breast Cancer Surgeon.

Survivors of both lung cancer and breast cancer say early detection is the only reason they are able to tell their life changing stories.

“There aren’t a lot of symptoms for lung cancer. I wouldn’t be alive if I hadn’t. I just don’t know if I would be alive if I hadn’t had this test,” says Sharon Faircloth, Lung Cancer Survivor.  

“ Do your mammograms. I skipped a few years. Do your mammograms. Don’t be scared to do your breast exams yourself. That’s how I found mine,” says Diana Winters, Breast Cancer Survivor. 

CHI hopes that through the use of their mobile command units,  barriers will continue to be eliminated.

“These are all of the arts of our bodies that surprise us and give us no warning. Heart disease is mostly the same thing- a lot of people don’t have symptoms. Pancreatic cancer, tumors in kidneys, stomach and Esophagus. Lung screenings include all the things that surprise us,” says Dr. Headrick.


Poole “to learn more about how you can get your screenings and help prevent these diseases


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