Chickamauga Dam plays part in long running disc golf tournament

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- One of the biggest disc golf tournaments in the area is the Belch’n Turkey.

“About 180 players tournament filled up in eight minutes it’s one of the fastest tournaments in Tennessee and also one of the longest-running tournaments in Tennessee.”

The tournament turns the park near the Chickamauga dam into a temporary 18 hole disc golf course.

“It’s a labor of love but it’s fine we enjoy it. We come out on either Wednesday or Thursday spray paint will be put flags down for OB. A small group of people come out and help with the baskets.”

“Here it’s not too bad because it mostly feels a lot of the work is taken care of putting flags up to mark OB and we’re tee pads are.”

The other round of the tournament was at the Sinks but, this long-running tournament has been around longer than the sinks. 

“This one’s really important to the area we started having this tournament before there was even a course in Chattanooga we used to do it up in Cloudland and Trenton Georgia.”

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