Chickamauga teacher Annette Weeks wins Golden Apple Award

CHICKAMAUGA, Georgia (WDEF) – Special needs students at Cherokee Ridge Elementary have someone watching out for them.

Annette Weeks is a special education teacher at the Walker County School.

She knows that patience and kindness go a long way to help her students.

That’s why she has won this week’s Golden Apple Award.

“And on behalf of food city and news channel 12, I would like to present Miss weeks with the Golden Apple teacher award. Congratulations all thank you.”…Applause.

Principal Lori Van says “Ms Weeks is a dedicated professional. She has a wonderful heart for her students. And she will do whatever it takes to make them successful; especially in reading.”

“Are you guys ready to review your spelling words? Yes!”

ANNETTE: This is my 29th year. In about four months [Notes:laughter] I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Are used to play school when I was little. I love teaching strategies; helping them figure out what they need to do to become a better reader. And coming up with things that work to help it, “click” for them.

Natural Sound: What sound does the sneaky E make? Nothing. It is silent, right.

JENNIFER: She has done this for so long that it is just second nature to her. To pull them over and maybe find exactly what it is that they might not be grasping.

Natural Sound: And what sound does the E make? Do you hear anything? No! No the E is silent.

JENNIFER: Really thankful that she is in my classroom. We have a lot of fun. She brings a lot of joy into the room. Her heart for kids is like something I’ve never seen before. She really enjoys her job.

“It’s going to introduce it self, “I am the letter I.”

JEANETTE: I am passionate about teaching. I’ve always love teaching and reading. I’ve always loved what I do here and the kids are great. Hopefully they will remember that, that we cared about them and we want it for him to succeed. Hopefully we establish a good foundation. So they can pursue whatever they are interested in when they are adults.

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