Chicken truck crash closes highway for chicken cleanup

FLINTSTONE, Georgia (WDEF) A chain collision in Chattanooga Valley this morning set some chickens free on the highway.

A deer ran out in front of a driver on Highway 193.

The car hit the deer, and the chicken truck behind hit the car.

It happened about a half a mile north of the Highway 136 intersection.

One lane was closed for several hours as crews retrieved the frightened chickens which were huddled together under the truck.

Walker County Corporal Jeff Herps explained what happened.

“Apparently a car was headed northbound and a deer ran out, struck the animal and the truck was behind it, hit the brakes real hard, which shifted the load, some doors came open, some chickens got loose, about a hundred of them, they’re trying to round them up right now. Still got a lot more to go to clean it all up.”

All of the chickens were picked up after the accident.

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