Chief Fletcher expresses outrage over shooting: ‘These cowards shot a baby.’

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – Chattanooga police are on the hunt for gang members who took part in a shooting that left a 22-month old baby boy injured.

It happened Wednesday night in the woo block of Water Street in Alton Park.

Bullet holes in the homes and cars on the block are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gun violence that played out Thursday night in Alton Park, but the bullet hole in a child’s toy illustrated something so disturbing that even Police Chief Fred Fletcher could not hold back his anger and frustration during a police press conference.

“These cowards shot a baby,” said Fletcher.

According to investigators, gang members drove up to a home on Water Street and opened fired on a group of rival gang members who were on the front porch celebrating the release of one of their friends from jail. A 22-month old baby was caught in the crossfire and shot in the leg. The baby was immediately driven to the hospital.

With all the gunfire, no one has come forward or pointed a finger at the people involved.

“Lets be clear, there are a number of people who know who shot this baby. There were multiple people in the suspect’s car There were multiple people on that porch. People talk about these things.  We watch them on social media. They brag about it,” Fletcher said.

According to police, the  gang shooting was related to an earlier shooting on Thursday that injured three people. Investigators also believe the Thursday shootings are related to the early Sunday morning fatal shooting of Marquise Jackson who killed on Water Street. Police have also determined  these gang shootings appear to be related to the shooting on Dodson Avenue late Sunday morning that injured three people.

The shooting involving the baby who was injured is such a high profile case, that the District Attorney’s Office has appointed five investigators and five prosecutors to work with Chattanooga detectives.

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