Chief Fletcher to shooter: ‘I doubt your friends like you more than they like the prospect of $11,500.’

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) – There’s an old saying that money talks, and in this case, Chattanooga police are hoping $11,500 is enough to help investigators find the man who shot a patrol officer.

In a Monday morning news conference at Chattanooga Police headquarters, Police Chief Fred Fletcher issued a warning to the man who shot a patrol officer last Thursday morning before getting away.

“You may think you have friends who will keep you from facing accountability. I want to tell you right now that I doubt your friends like you more than they like the prospect of $11,500,” Fletcher said.

That’s the amount of money now being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect who shot the officer. It started as a $1000 reward then grew to $6000 thanks to generous donations. More generous donations have led to a seven figure amount.

“We believe this level of financial incentive will encourage anyone with knowledge of the suspect to call 911,” Fletcher said.

The officer was shot in the 1000 block of Mission Avenue after checking out suspicious activity at an abandoned home. Chief Fletcher confirmed to reporters that the officer was not dispatched to the property.

“He was checking out a vacant property, because he knew from his experience and his interaction with the community that it was an area frequented by people who cause disorder and crime. He saw a man walking way from the building.As he attempted to contact that man, that man turned and shot at our officer. At least three bullets struck our officer,” Fletcher said.

News 12 has learned the officer’s bullet resistant vest prevented one of those bullets from causing a serious, if not fatal injury. New 12 has also learned there was an exchange of gunfire between the officer and his attacker. The question now is whether the suspect may have also been hit.

“We don’t know that. There is absolutely that possibility so if anyone know of a person who appears to have an unusual wound, we again encourage you to call 911 or 698-2525,” Fletcher said.

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