Chief Roddy meets with community members

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — On his first official day heading the Chattanooga Police Department, Chief David Roddy met with community members.

Community members walked through the halls of the Chattanooga Police Department and into the Real Time Intelligence Center on Wednesday afternoon. Newly appointed Police Chief David Roddy greeted them and told them about the center.

“You talk about what the capabilities and contributions of this group and not just to us but the city, it is immeasurable, because I really don’t know if we are firing all of the cylinders that they have the capability to do,” Chief Roddy said.

There are 15 public safety cameras placed around the city in different hot spots for crime.

“I was already a little familiar with it, but I think it is a fantastic asset to the police department and to the city,” said Olga De Klein, the president of the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

Chief Roddy then answered questions about the public safety cameras and crime in general. He says there are segments of our population who don’t report crimes.

“I mean somebody leaves something in their car, they don’t lock the doors, somebody opens the door takes the cellphone out of their cup holder and walks off. I’ve got insurance, I don’t have to call the police, crime goes unreported. So that is where we have to make sure we force the conversations as well to get with that true appearance, that true understanding and perception of crime in an area looks like,” Chief Roddy said.

De Klein and other members of the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association enjoyed the experience of the tour.

“I think that it was incredible that so many people attended this tour,” De Klein said.

People took away that they too can help the police.

“The neighbors can do a lot in order to deter crime to as long as they know what to do and are willing to also help and work together with the police department. That is a powerful combination as well,” De Klein said.

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