Child and mother safe after vehicle rollover

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF) — A vehicle crashed and rolled over on I-75 Northbound early Tuesday morning. A child was trapped in the backseat, but East Ridge police were able to free the child.

At around 1:30 a.m., a vehicle rolled over. The vehicle was upside down on a rock bed near the welcome center entrance.

Police found an injured woman outside the vehicle. She told officers that her child was trapped inside.

The child was two years old and was trapped upside down in the car seat.

Officers said the child was not responding. However, they made it through the rocks and got the passenger door open. An officer was able to get in the car.

The officers successfully got the child out of the car safely. The child was turned over to medical personnel.

The East Ridge Police Department made a statemen on social media recognizing the officers’ actions.

The statement recognized Officers Dyer, Jansen, Resendiz and Richardson.

Chief Clint Uselton made the following statement on behalf of the East Ridge Police Department:

“I would like to formally congratulate your shift on a job well done involving this crash on Interstate 75. The actions undertaken by officers exemplify the quality of service and level of selflessness that few in our society are capable of. You were faced with dangerous conditions and acted decisively and effectively to rescue a small child. Your willingness to place yourself in harm’s way for the protection and safety of others is admirable and too often goes unrecognized. The young lady whose child you rescued will remember your actions for the rest of her life. I’m genuinely proud of all of you. Actions like these remind me of why we do this job, and the Department is blessed to have employees like you.”

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