Child Struck & Killed By Bus at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School

A school bus struck and killed a student this morning around 7:00am at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School in Walker County.

The incident reportedly happened in front of other children.  Superintendent Damon Raines says the school went on a soft lockdown, which means children were only allowed to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom.  School personnel were trying to shield the children from seeing the investigation outside.  12 counselors and therapy dogs have been brought into the school to help children cope.

Sheriff Steve Wilson left the school around 9:20am to notify the family of the victim.  He says as a parent and grandparent, he can’t imagine what the relatives of the child are going through.  He and the Police Chaplin and Coroner DeWayne Wilson notified the parents, who are now being counseled in church to help them get through this tragic day.  The coroner says the child was killed instantly.

Sgt. Tommy Sturdivan with the Georgia State Patrol says the incident involves a full size school bus and 6-year old boy.  Sgt. Sturdivan says the GSP has obtained the hard drives linked to cameras at the school and on the school bus to review.  The name of the bus driver is not being released right now.

Authorities say the bus was moving forward at the time of the incident.  The child struck by the bus had been riding that bus.

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