Children’s Hospital at Erlanger shows off its new high-tech way to help save children’s lives

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Now the doctors at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger have a new tool in their arsenal. His name is Hal and he’s a high-fidelity simulator.

Registered Nurse Marisa Moyers said, “He breathes, he talks, he cries. He’ll have a seizure. He is really almost like taking care of a real patient.”

Rhonda Phillippi serves as the Executive Director for Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children. She said, “It’s a great way to practice your clinical skills without it being a child.”

Disaster Preparedness Outreach Coordinator Marisa Moyers said 80% of pediatric patients are seen at adult facilities before they’re referred. So that means doctors have to know how to take care of people of all ages and sizes.

Moyers added, “If you want to know if my child, if Hal has a pulse, you feel in the appropriate place. If you want to know if he’s blue, you look at his face. And it’s real. It’s real-time. It’s as close as taking care of a real patient as you can get.”

While hospitals have had adult-sized mannequins for a while, Hal is brand new. Phillippi explained, “Peds Emergency Medicine is one of the newer forms of specialty medicine. Where they’ve realized that children are very, very different than an adult and how you take care of an adult, and so these new simulators are catching up with what we’ve already known. That kids are not small adults.”

It’s not just Erlanger doctors that will learn from Hal. These students training Thursday came from several different area hospitals. He can even be taken out into the community to help train all emergency responders who may encounter children.

Moyers said, “We’re getting it right on the mannequin, so we can get it right on the kids.”

Tennessee got funding for one simulator for each comprehensive regional pediatrics center.
That includes Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville.

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