Chip’s on the Grill: Roquefort Rib-Eye

Chip’s on the Grill this week has a unique treat; Certified Angus Beef Roquefort Rib-Eye!

As you begin to season the meat, all you need is a little sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and brown sugar. And you can’t do a Roquefort Rib-Eye without Roquefort Cheese!

Chip Chapman has the Primo Grill blazing hot to cook at about 600 degrees. Once the meat is on the grill…can you hear it?


Cook your Certified Angus Beef Roquefort Rib-Eye to your liking, plate ’em up, and get ready to eat!

Chip’s on the Grill is brought to you by Food City, Certified Angus Beef, and Dale’s Seasoning.

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