Christmas in July for a good cause

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) –Shopping, painting, and family are all part of Foundation House Ministries Christmas in July event. 

Honestly, last year was awful right? Christmas was not a lot of fun for most people so this is an opportunity to begin to bring families back together and really look at 2021 being a new year a Fresh year. Being able to sell products and that’s wonderful but being able to bless families is that much better,” said Executive Director Suzanne Burns.

This three-day event was capped off with a full Saturday of Christmas shopping and fun with the money raised supporting the ministry. 

Every sale contributes to the support of our moms. Our thrift shop supports is 100% … and all the other sales we get a portion of those vendor sales. So everything supports mothers in crisis,” said Burns.

Foundation house ministries help struggling mothers and soon-to-be mothers who are battling addiction, homelessness, or joblessness. Ashley Neer is a graduate of the program after struggling with addiction. 

“I am a graduate back in 2019. I went through addiction for about 6 1/2 years. I came into the program pregnant with my third child I’m a graduate and now I’m on staff. Definitely the Lord’s blessing. It’s the Lord’s will. He brought me through it and now I’m able to empower and enrich the lives of other women,” said Neer.

“I’ve seen her improve so much. From the life that I saw that she was living to the great one, she is living now,” said Neer’s daughter Kamiah.

Burns said she’s been amazed by the communities support of the idea and the ministry. 

“When we started calling people when we got this idea people immediately jumped on and said yeah we’d love to. No, I’m not going to charge you. Yeah, that sounds great. Yes, I would like to be a part of it. So just seeing everybody has one coming together. Everybody is wanting to be a blessing and a benefit to our community, it’s really fun,” said Burns.

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