‘Chuckie Doll’ Rides the Bench at Bradley Central

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF-TV) We’ve got Halloween coming up in a couple of weeks, but it looks like Halloween at every Bradley Central Bears game. They’ve got the famous ‘Chuckie Doll’ from the iconic movies on their sidelines. So instead of the popular ‘turnover chain’ many schools use for big plays, Bradley has got a ‘Scare Bear’.

Reporter:”Has anybody ever asked you. Hey, what’s that doll doing over there?”
Said head coach Damon Floyd:”Uh. I think you may be the first actually. I think they may be afraid to ask of what the real reason is.”
Said running backs coach Colby Dills:”The ‘Chuckie Doll’. Actually me and my brother, my brother was a senior captain last year, and we’re huge University of Florida Gator fans. It’s kind of a tradition down there in Gainesville with the ‘Chuckie Doll’. So we just kind of wanted to bring it up here The meaning behind it is it’s supposed to cause terror on the other team. This year C.J. Hardy, a senior defensive end, has kind of picked it up and took it. I like it, and I think all the kids like it.”
Reporter:”Are you a big fan of those movies at all?”
Said Dills:”Oh yeah. Yeah I was a little kid when it was really popular in the 90’s, so I just remember watching it as a little kid, and it scaring me. It has just always been iconic. We actually had stickers made for it.”
Reporter:”What kind of stickers are you talking about?”
Said Dills:”Just little peel off stickers. It has got the Chuckie face on it.”
Reporter:”Do they go on the helmet?”
Said Dills:”Yeah. Some of them get helmets. I don’t know what the criteria is to get those. I don’t know if it’s a sack, or just a big play. But yeah, we’ve got a ton of kids that have them on their helmets.”
Reporter:”Does he come to practice?”
Said Dills:”Uh no. He usually doesn’t come to practice. He only shows up on game days.(laughter) Only comes on games.”
Said Floyd:”It stays on our sidelines I do know that, and it’s obviously in the locker room a lot. Like I said, if it motivates them to play better, we’ll have a ‘Chuckie Doll’.”
Reporter:”Do you ever worry when you put him up at night that you may find him somewhere else the next day?”
Said Dills:”I hope not. Then we’d have a lot of other issues on our hands.” (laughter)

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