Church Collecting Donations for Firefighters in Dade County

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- The Tatum Gulf Fire in Dade County Georgia is just one of many, burning across North Georgia and East Tennessee.

“Well John, as the wildfires continue to spread, New Beginning Bible Church says donations have continued to come in.”

Pastor Michael Dunwoody of the New Beginning Bible Church said, “At this point right now, we probably got everything we need uh I know some more things are coming in uh and we appreciate it and uh we, we will accept them. We’re not going to turn anything away.”

Pastor Michael Dunwoody for New Beginning Bible Church says offering hot meals for firefighters started as just a small idea his congregation came up with.

“So we started Saturday, and then we–then they said well let’s just do it Sunday. So we fed them Sunday uh and then seems like, we we never did ask for anything–just all of a sudden people said we wanna be a part of that. And so the community, here locally, they started coming in and started donating and then uh I’m sure it was just by word of mouth that uh others then–the word got out to the whole county and then they said, well we want to be a part of this as well.”

And just two days later, the church is now filled with donations.

“The whole County, Dade County uh the residents have just been wonderful, and we, we wanna thank them we wanna thank them first of all.”

According to officials, the Tatum Gulf fire, burning on Lookout Mountain, started Friday morning. The flames have already burned more than 13-hundred acres, and are expected to damage even more in the coming days, due to dangerous dry weather conditions and unpredictable winds.

“You know while I’m sleeping and I’m safe in my home uh these guys are out there, and here I am in a nice comfortable house–bed. They’re away from their families, many of them have been away from them for days–weeks even, some of them. And uh they’re thanking us when they come in for the, for the meals that are being provided but we feel like we’re just doing a very small part. They’re, they’re doing the work out there, and so we really thank them and appreciate them. I just wanna say thank you to all the firefighters that are, that are here.”

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