Church holds blood drive for injured Dade County Major

TRENTON, Ga. (WDEF) – There was a line inside Piney Grove Baptist Church on Wednesday.

That’s where Dade County Major Tommy Bradford is a member.

And that was where people have came to donate blood for him.

Pastor John Smith said they have been overwhelmed with people wanting to give.

“I think this reflects the turnout, you see today reflects how well liked Tommy is. He is an amazing individual,” Smith said.

On Tuesday, Bradford was seriously injured while trying to protect his community.

Authorities said he was putting out spike strips to stop a fleeing truck when the truck hit him.

“Our hearts go out to him and his family. Our prayers go up for them and our hands are extended to them. We love them and care about them, and we’re just so grateful to this community for how they’ve turned out to support Tommy and his family in a time like this,” Smith said.

The blood drive was another way the community has shown their ongoing support for Bradford.

On Tuesday evening, a group rallied together to pray for him and take donations.

“I can not express in words, I don’t think adequately, how much it means for us to see how this community has in such a short time overwhelmingly come together. They’ve come together in an amazing way from the leadership of the community to some of the top elected officials to just the guy on the street,” Smith said.

Smith said Bradford is still facing multiple surgeries.

So, there’s still a need for blood.

He said any donated is greatly appreciated.

If you were unable to go to the drive, you can still donate blood by going to any Blood Assurance location.

Just say you want to give blood for Tommy Bradford.

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